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Koko Analytics By ibericode

Koko Analytics is a free and privacy-friendly analytics plugin for WordPress by ibericode.


Koko Analytics does not use any external services, so data about your visitors is never shared with any third-party company.

  • Furthermore, no visitor specific data is collected and visitors can easily opt-out of tracking by enabling “Do Not Track” in their browser settings.
  • Stop sharing visitor data with third-party companies making money off that same data.
  • Stop unnecessarily slowing down your website.


Koko Analytics
Koko Analytics



Koko Analytics lets you focus on what is important and gives you all the essential metrics, while respecting the privacy of your visitors.

Koko Analytics FEATURES

  • Plug and play: After installing and activating the plugin, stats will automatically be collected.
  • Privacy: No personal information or anything visitor specific is tracked.
  • No external services: Data about visits to your website is yours and yours alone.
  • Performance: Handles thousands of simultaneous pageviews without breaking a sweat.
  • Lightweight: Adds only 985 bytes of data to your pages.
  • GDPR: Compliant by design.
  • Metrics: All the essentials: visitors, pageviews and referrers.
  • Cookies: There is an option to not use any cookies.
  • Referrer spam: Built-in blacklist to filter out referrer spam.
  • Cache: Fully compatible with pages served from any kind of cache.
  • AMP: Tracks AMP powered pages too (official AMP plugin only, for now).
  • Open-Source: Code is released under the GPL 3.0 license.
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