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Joli Table Of Contents by WPjoli

Joli Table Of Contents Plugin is a Free, modern & fully customizable Wordpress Table of Content plugin.

Joli Table Of Contents Plugin adds a SEO-friendly Table of Contents to your posts/pages.


Makes your WordPress website look more valuable for both your visitors and Google.

59 / 100

Joli Table Of Contents Free

Joli Table Of Contents Plugin makes your articles more readable & increase your SEO!

  • Auto-insert table of content
  • Manual insert table of content by shortcode
  • Customizable Table of Content Title
  • Show headings by custom depth (From H2 to H4).
  • Customizable CSS Icons for expand/collapse buttons (4 free icons, 20 in pro version)
  • Show TOC only if a minimum of headings has been found in the content (Optional).
  • Disable headings per text/class
  • Hierarchical (amount of empty space customizable) or Flat View.
  • Optional Numbering Prefix (ex: 1. Title 1; 1.2. Subtitle 2, etc…).
  • Pretty hash in the actual URL (ex:
  • Latin & non-latin characters support for hash [since 1.3.2]
  • Multilanguage hash transliteration available (e.g. #История => #istoriya) [since 1.3.3]
  • Customizable Numbering Prefix Separator (Ex: “.” => “1.1.2”; “-” => “1-1-2”).
  • Customizable Numbering Prefix Suffix (Ex: ).” => “1.1.2)”; “/” => “1.1.2/”).
  • Customizable Padding.
  • Customizable Headings Height (makes the TOC look more or less dense).
  • 6 Auto-insert positions available (See below for details).
  • Auto-insert to posts and/or pages.
  • Fully responsive.
  • 3 Visibility Options on page load (Unfolded, Folded (unfoldable), Responsive [since 1.3.0]).
  • Hide or Show Overflowing Headings when viewport cannot fit the whole title length.
  • Smooth scrolling available.
  • Customizable TOC Title alignment (left, center, right).
  • Customizable TOC Toggle button position (left, right) (when folded).
  • Customizable TOC Toggle button: Text/HTML/Custom icons (open & close states).
  • 2 Themes included (Default & Classic).
  • Themes settings can be overriden (Colors, size, etc).
  • Customizable Width: Min/Max Width or 100% Width.
  • Customizable Font Size, Font Weight.
  • Optional Shadow.
  • Colors fully customizable (Table of Contents, Title, Headings, Shadow, Prefix).
  • Custom CSS available.
  • Developer-friendly. Many hooks provided. (See below for details).
  • IE10+ Compatible

Joli Table Of Contents Pro

JoliTOC Pro
  1. SOLO $29.99 (1 site)
  2. GURU $47 (5 sites)
  3. HERO $97 (15 sites)
  • All of the free features.
  • Custom Post Type Support.
  • Exclusive Floating Widget that shows the current section ( see details below ).
  • 7 Visibility Options on page load (Unfolded, Folded (unfoldable), Responsive [since 1.3.0]).
  • Additional Themes (Default, Dark, Classic, Classic Dark, Wikipedia-like).
  • Force Enable/Disable TOC per post settings.
  • Customizable Floating Position ( Top or Bottom ).
  • Customizable Floating Offset (Horizontally & Vertically).
  • Expands on Hover or Click.
  • Collapses on Leave hover or Click away.
  • Optional Expanding Animation.
  • Multi-columns mode (since 1.1.0).
  • Show headings by custom depth (From H2 to H6).
  • Customizable CSS Icons for expand/collapse buttons (choose from 20 icons)

How To Use Joli Table of Contents?



The Auto-insert feature is optional and allows to automatically insert the Table of Contents to your content with the following options.


Supported post types:
* Post
* Pages
* Custom Post Type (Pro only)

Auto-insert positions:
* Before the content
* After the content
* Before H1
* After H1
* Before first H2
* After first paragraph

Joli Table of Contents SHORTCODE

Use the following shortcode within your content to have the table of contents display where you wish to:


Joli Table Of Contents – Fully Responsive

JoliTOC fully responsive

Joli Table Of Contents has been designed to work on desktop, tablet & mobile.


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