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CM Table Of Contents By CreativeMindsSolutions

CM Table Of Contents is a good WordPress table of contents plugin.

Create a table of contents and help users easily navigate your WordPress site.


Define the table of contents sections using headers and css classes.

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CM Table Of Contents

CM Table Of Contents plugin allows users to generate a table of contents which can be added to any page or post of your WordPress site. 

CM Table Of Contents plugin supports building a multi level table of contents which is fully customizable. The plugin lets users create a content specific index of your content with shortcodes.

CM Table Of Contents FEATURES

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CM Table Of Contents can customize your table of contents with different sections and headers, defined by your page or post content.


Customize your table of contents with different sections, titles, positions, sidebars, and headers, defined by your page or post content.

You can define the table of contents using div / span tags or css classes and not only by h1 / h2 tags.


  • Table of Contents can be defined by a tag
  • Change Table of Contents label

CM Table of Contents PRO – Multi-Level TOC Plugin for WordPress

CM Table Of Contents pro

CM Table of Contents PRO Features:

  • Define TOC by tag, class and id
  • Collapse TOC on page upload
  • Automatically create TOC for all site pages
  • Define TOC using unique tags on each post or page
  • Insert TOC in any specific location on a post or a page using a shortcode
  • Easily style the navigation table font size
  • Support multiple pages TOC


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